How To Get Rid Of Period Pain – 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Menstrual Cramp

Most of the women who menstruate, often complain that for a day or two, they suffer from period cramps. These menstrual cramps are called dysmenorrhea. Although these cramps don’t cause any serious health issues, they can create a crimp in your lifestyle.

1. Use Hot Water Bottle/Hot Pack

Yes, this might sound old school but trust us, it is the most effective hack to deal with period cramps. When you place a hot water bottle on your abdomen, your muscles relax and the pain reduces.

2. Lie In Foetal Position

When you lie down in a foetal position, your muscles relax. Moreover, you will also feel super comfortable by lying down in this position with your legs pulled close to your stomach.

3. Massaging

In order to ease the pain, try hot oil massage. Muscles are soothed when massage is done gently on the abdominal region. You can also use aromatic essential oils to massage and to get relief.

4. Don’t take Caffeine

You should avoid energy drinks, aerated drinks or coffee if you are suffering from severe period cramp. All these drinks increase the pain by constricting the vessels.

5. Drink Milk

You might be surprised to know that milk helps reduce the pain. When you drink plain warm milk, your muscles are relaxed, as a result you feel less pain. Eating more vegetables and curbing fats also help ease period cramps.

6. Work Out

Yes, we understand that it becomes tough to get out of bed in pain, but trust us, yoga or a little work out can really do wonders.

7. Take Hot Showers

Muscular tension is relieved during hot showers and steamy baths.

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