What happens to your body when you stop having sex

It’s hard to keep passion alive in long-term relationships. No matter how solid your relationship is, with the passing of time, desire and intimacy are going to be replaced by comfort and everyday worries, unless you work to keep them alive.

Remember that giving up sex completely can have significant consequences on your relationship and your health. Here’s what can happen when you stop having sex.

#1. Your immune system will stop functioning optimally

Studies have concluded that people who have a less active or absent sex life also have a significantly weaker immune system than people who continue to enjoy sex regularly. A weaker immune system means easier access for germs, which means you get sick easier.

2. More tension and stress

Because you don’t benefit from the endorphins normally released during sex, your mind will start getting more and more tense, you will become more and more edgy and irritated, and outside stress will take a hold on you easier than before.

3. Getting aroused becomes more difficult

Like with physical exercise, the less sex you have, the more you get out of practice and the more difficult it becomes to start doing it again. For men, this might mean difficulty having or maintaining an erection. For women, it usually means having difficulties reaching orgasm.

4. Your dreams might change

The brain is a complex machine, and your consciousness is no different. If you crave something that you can’t get it in real life, you start dreaming about it. Sex makes no exception. The less sex you have during waking time, the more it will appear in your dreams. You might even get to orgasm while you sleep.

5. Lower libido

People think that the less sex you have, the more you are going to crave it. This is just partially true. Initially, indeed, the less sex, the bigger the need. But, if you keep on going without it, the body will adapt and the cravings will subside. You can even get to the point where you don’t feel any need for sex at all.

#6. Less sleep

Because of the tension and stress that accumulate if you have no release through sex, the quality and duration of your sleep will start sliding. You will sleep less and you will not feel as rested after sleep as you used to.

7. Increased risk of cancer

In men, the more sex they have, the higher the testosterone level in their bodies. That, in turn, helps protect the prostate from inflammation and, eventually, cancer. Also, more sex helps maintain a healthier heart, because sex is a very good cardio workout.

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